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Logo Chaib Sedduck

CSCA 25 YEARS historical Anniversary catalog and CSCA Champagne editions in conjunction with our collectors customers, artists and our public and private partners.

For immediate release

The Seagram Building 375 Park Avenue, Level 26 New York NY 10152 United States 
The Louis Vuitton Building 101 Avenue des Champs Élysées, Level 5 75008 Paris, France 

September 2021 through June 2022 (TBD) 

On the occasion of CSCA 25th anniversary, Farid CHAÏB-SEDDUK (CSCA) will present a special program of exhibitions celebrating the artists who have shaped his identity since 1994 through his local, France, Europe and the United States experiences. 
An initiation route through Farid Chaïb Contemporary Art Gallery in Venice, CA and CSCA New York-Paris will be proposed into an immersion with artworks curated in galleries, national and international organizations as well as national and international fairs with a roaming exhibition will feature works and artists who have been exposed either locally or internationally in Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Europe including alongside new and never seen artworks specially commissioned for this event with an important historical work required for the 25th anniversary.

CHAÏB-SEDDUK CONTEMPORARY ART PROJECTS (CSCA) 25 YEARS will be completed by a catalog fully illustrated in collaboration with private and public collectors since 1994 with renowned international curators, art critics and journalists through all long-term commitments with artists, collectors and international public and private partnerships.

For any inquiries, contact our New York or Paris office at

"The Base of Venice" International Collaboration Venice Biennale 2015 Inaugural Opening Reception
Friday May 8th, 2015.

Official Art Guide & Art Mag Venice Biennale 2015 with "The Base of Venice".

Chaïb-Sedduk Contemporary Art Projects (CSCA)

Invites you to his New-York Company Office Press Preview Reception

Company Opening Reception of Chaïb-Sedduk Contemporary Art Projects (CSCA)

october 21st, 2011 Paris, France with "Outlook" and three European artists Mikhail Kovalevsky, Isabelle Méglinky and David Gillet who represent the sipirit, the vision and the identity of CSCA Paris-NewYork.

EAC professional day : Interview

Farid Chaïb-Sedduk, director of Chaib-Sedduk Contemporary Art Projects.
Interviewed by Annabel Du Plessix et Ugo Frézal

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