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CHAÏB-SEDDUK CONTEMPORARY ART PROJECTS (CSCA), is artist's services in Art Projects Direction. It's one of the few career management and art projects direction firms specializing in the career development of visual artists.

CSCA advise artists on all matters related to business, exhibitions and marketing.

CSCA expanded its consulting services and its art projects direction to represent selected artists by familiarizing galleries, museums, collectors, critics, and curators with emerging, mid-career and established artists.

CSCA continues to pioneer in new profession of art projects direction and since 1994, artists have participate in over 200 exhibitions, nationally and internationally.

CSCA currently operates in several spaces in the United States and in Europe. This expansion continues rotating solo and group exhibition schedule that allows us to promote the work and the artists on both continents through a decentralized cooperation with public and private partnerships and sponsoring.

CSCA work with national, local, regional and international publics and privates institutions to develop each project on time and budget.