Logo Chaib Sedduck
    Curatorial Services :
  • Concept development
  • Supervision, selection of art works and studio review
  • Design of the show
  • Installation supervision and general assistance with openning night reception logistics
  • Availabilty for the duration of the show
Administratives Services :
  • Contract development
  • Support material, Artist vitae
  • Artworks identifications
Public Relations Services :
  • Mailing lists and CSCA mailings support
  • Photography directional, Photo selection
  • Press advisory and Press Release
  • Availabilty and press interface
  • Press kit for local, national, international press and art revues
  • Press preview
  • Art critics / Art curators / Art consultants / foundations / Publics and privates organizations interface
  • Search for publics and privates partnerships and sponsors